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You may not be aware but our entire team loves cars. This is the main reason why we are in this industry in the first place. Now, why is this important, you ask.

This is our way of showing you that we really appreciate any type of vehicle, so we understand how important and special some vehicles are for you and your family.

May it be an antique car, sports car, or simply a project car that you have been working on, we can assure you that your vehicle will be handled with great care under our specialized towing service; Not that we don’t treat vehicles for standard towing with disregard compared to specialized ones.

We highly value the safety of any vehicle in all of the jobs that we do. The only difference is that specialized towing will be personalized according to the type of vehicle that you need to have us transported. We have a rich selection of tow trucks that are mainly designed to give a more secure towing for vehicles that hold a special place in your heart.

Flatbed Towing

For most of our specialized towing jobs, we operate a flatbed tow truck. This type of truck is specifically designed to roll back on an angle, allowing the vehicle to drive directly onto the bed. It can also be winched up, should our client wishes for it. Once the vehicle is loaded, the bed of the truck will go back to its resting position, strategically placing the vehicle parallel to the ground level.

This type of towing allows for the vehicle to be lifted off the ground, eliminating any wear or tear that might occur through other towing methods. It is commonly utilized to conveniently tow classic, exotic, or all-wheel drive vehicles, without the risk of damaging it.

Specialized Towing Procedure

For specialized towing, you may call us. Please inform us beforehand that you will be needing a specialized towing to avoid any misunderstanding. This also allows us to prepare and be well-equipped for the job.

We will be asking for details such as the type of car and how you want it handled. We take pride in providing excellent service that meets our client’s standards, so feel free to give us any instructions or personalized requests. We will be more than willing to grant them for you.

We also advise that you openly tell us your personal preferences to maximize the experience. Rest assured, we will be attentive enough to complete the task without any issues or problems. We guarantee that your vehicle will be handled responsibly and carefully.

Service Hours

Specialized towing, like all of our services, is available 24/7 as well. We are available for specialized towing even during holidays. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Our dispatchers work day and night to provide you with excellent service at any point of the day.

For faster processing, we advise that you give us a call. This is to ensure that your request will be prioritized and acted upon quicker.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?