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Are you looking for a way to transport your vehicle across state lines? Did you purchase a new car miles away from your home? Do you need your car delivered to a far place?

Look no further! Whichever condition should you need vehicle transporting services, we will be more than willing to do it for you.

Herndon Towing Service is more than just your typical towing company. We also offer long distance towing and vehicle transportation services. We extend our services even in faraway places outside of Virginia.

We are licensed transporters, capable of moving your vehicle as far as you need. We are willing to tow or transport your vehicle across state lines. We guarantee that your car will be transported by a trustworthy and reliable personnel, without any issues. 

As for the type of vehicle, we have no limitations, preferences, and conditions. We have a versatile collection of towing trucks to address each and every type of vehicle that needs to be transported. They are also very capable and reliable to handle any weight load, so you can rest easy that your vehicle will be in good hands.

Like any other job that we do, we maintain a proactive responsibility in transporting your vehicle. We work closely with our customer to ensure that the car will be transported to where it should be. We also empathize with how apprehensive it can be to have someone else transport your vehicle, so we provide real-time updates to inform you about the location and status of the transported vehicle.

Our top priority is to safely transport your vehicle to the specified location in a timely manner. We take pride in being an honest and reliable towing company. Should we encounter any mishaps or delays, we will actively give you updates. Nevertheless, we have never encountered such problems before for we only dispatch personnel who are well-versed and experienced in long distance vehicle transportation.

Long Distance Towing Procedure

For long distance towing, kindly call us or send us a message to book a schedule. We will be asking you to provide the necessary details as well. This is to ensure that both parties are in-sync with the details pertaining to the job request.

At the scheduled day, our personnel and the truck will surely arrive in a timely manner. You will be given an estimated time of arrival or ETA, depending on the designated location the vehicle will be transported to. If you’re on a strict schedule, please advise us beforehand so we can make arrangements to meet your request.

Once the vehicle is on the road, you will be notified and informed of its location and status from time to time. It’s our aim to make it as worry-free as possible for you, so feel free to contact our team for any questions and clarifications.

Your vehicle will be securely and safely towed or transported to the designated location, and will only be handed over to the person to be delivered to. We will be asking for an identification card from the person retrieving the vehicle for security purposes.

Once the vehicle arrives to the specified location, you will be notified again. To make sure that your vehicle is handed over to the right person, you will receive an update if someone has retrieved it.

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