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Accident Towing

As cautious as you try to be, there are still instances wherein you might find yourself involved in an accident. And no matter how the situation erupted, it is in the nature of accidents to be stressful and aggravating. For this reason, we take pride in making sure that the entire situation will be handled in a careful manner.

Our team is highly trained and experience in dealing with accident and incident reports. Our top priority in these kinds of situation is the safety of everyone who is involved. We make sure that each of these individuals are secured and safe before doing a cleanup.

We make it our mission to address the incident as fast and simple as possible. We handle accident clean ups, incident management, and traffic management. You can expect that our crew members will provide courteous assistance and friendly support all throughout the operation.

To prevent further mishaps, we address accident cleanups and incident management with extreme urgency. We empathize with our customers and everyone involved, ensuring that we do the job the safest and quickest way we can. Our aim is to ease everyone from the inconvenience of the incident. We make it our mission to provide assistance and alleviate the stress of the situation, so you can rest easy that our personnel will handle the job with utmost concern and professionalism.

Flatbed Towing

As part of our sense of professionalism, we make sure that we are well-equipped to address each and every situation at hand. With this being said, we make sure that we have the right truck to do the job. For accident cleanups and towing, we utilize our flatbed trucks to address the situation.

True to its name, a flatbed truck has a flat surface, modeled after a mattress. It provides safe and secure towing of multiple vehicles. It is the best choice in completing accident recovery and vehicle transportation jobs.

Flatbeds provide an efficient way to tow multiple vehicles in case of multiple cars breakdown or numerous vehicle accidents. They can accommodate safe and secure collective towing for all cars involved. This allows us to approach any incident/accident report efficiently, effectively, and quickly.

Traffic Management

Needless to say, accidents often lead to heavy traffic. That’s why we take it into consideration to provide more than just a quick clean up during certain circumstances. As a reputable towing company, we highly regard each job with extreme importance. We make sure that there are no loose ends during an operation. We give attention to even the tiniest detail during each given task.

For this reason, we offer traffic management during accident clean ups with no extra charge. Our aim is to successfully recover the vehicles involved in the accident whilst easing everyone into a more convenient condition. And true to our word, we always do our best to provide relief especially in dire situations.

As promised, you can always rely on Herndon Towing Service for all your towing needs and so much more!

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?